Company's Departments Activities

Production Dept.
Maintenance Dept.
Planning & Follow-up Dept.
Quality control dept
Researches Dept.
Quality Dept.
Internal observition dept
Engineering inspection& industrial safety dept
Finance affairs dept
Commercial affairs Dept.
Administration of human resources dept
Vehicles and transportation dept

Maintenance Department

Its tasks are : maintenance of  mechanical , electrical and instrumentation for plants and industrial facilities, manufacturing of other devices, ,equipment,reservoirs and spare parts, as well as, works of pipelines,and electrical  operation systems

The department  consists of the following sections:

1- Mechanical Maintenance Sect.

2- Electrical Maintenance Sect.

3- Instrumentation Sect.

4- Constructions Sect.

Planning & Follow-up Department

Its tasks are : preparation of  production and manpower plans, as well as submission of proposals of  investment activities,supervising the procedures of production process .

The department  consists of the following sections:

1-Material balancing sect.

2-Projects sect.

3-Follow-up sect.

4-Information center sect


Quality control department


Its tasks are :Developing the existing produced products and introducing  new products,looking  for local substitutes for materials used in the production process,utilization of industrial wastes and stagnant materials, analysis of raw materials and products to confirm the specifications,preparation of standard  specifications of raw materials and chemical compositions  for the products and environmental and quality control


Researches Department


Its tasks are : Preparation of research plan for the company, which emphasizes the practical and advanced  nature  in the fields of production of new materials, or find alternatives, or to improve the quality of production or solving environmental problems associated with production,taking into consideration the characterization  of the work in the company.


Internal Observation Department

Its tasks are :Auditing of documents of payment , receipt and registration , follow-up the inventory committees and procedures taken thereon, monitoring  the implementation of laws, regulations and instructions relating to the work of financial audit,confirmation  monthly expenditures and daily expenses with the Fund,checking the contracts signed with the others,checking all the computerized forms regarding salaries and allowances, detection and reporting crimes committed against the company funds to  protect  assets, and preparing monthly reports about the results of its activities within the previous period for which  the company's management has to take necessary measures for the settlement of illegal actions included in  reports and promoting  labor regulations,  in order to achieve effective control on the company's funds,and perform the following   :
-preparing monthly reports to the Board of Directors on monthly basis as regarded  as one of the basic periodic reports required to be under discussion and to take decisions thereon



Engineering inspection& industrial safety department


Its tasks are :Preparing technical documents, examination of evidences,inspection of each related unit, in addition to identify devices and equipment related to the system in coordination with officials of the maintenance and issuing test certificates credited  by the insurance companies,updating the monthly information regarding test, inspection,studing the needs of factories of the industrial safety requirements, develop a detailed test and inspection plan for the devices, equipment, buildings and following -up maintenance (preventive - Therapeutic - periodic)works  in the productive departments .

It  consists of the following sections:

1- engineering test & inspection sect.

2- Industrial safety sect.

3- Environment sect.

4- Fire-fighting sect.

5- Medical sect.


Financial affairs department

Its tasks are :Making The financial settlements, keeping accounting records,application of a unified accounting system,following up the raw materials,spare materials,and activities of stores,payment of salaries, preparation of planned, public budgets,tables of  products costs,providing the necessary indications for the  company's management to take decision thereon and preparing statistical records.

It consists of the following sections:

1- Financial accountings sect.

2- Stores accountings sect.

3- fees and salaries accountings sect.

4- Cost sect.


 Commercial affairs Department

 Its tasks are :Taking the procedures to provide the company with  raw  and supplementary materials ,devices  and equipment from inside or outside Iraq ,controling the storage to ensure the flow of sufficient materials to ensure the continuity of the productive ,process ,preparation and implementation of mechanism of product marketing,coordination with relevant offices to exploit the surplus capacities for the purpose of manufacturing and export of goods in accordance with the issued decisions and regulations  and management of the wastes technically.

It consists of the following sections::


1- External   purchases sect.

2- Local  purchases sect.

3- Sorage Control sect.

4- Warehouses sect.

5- Marketing sect.



Administration of human resources department


Its tasks are :preparing the numbers of personnel, supervising the implementation of service laws, regulations and instructions ,preparing  employment transactions in accordance with the laws,and give advice concerning rules of service,retirement and discipliney ,supervising the activities of administrative affairs in the plants ,organizing the celebrations and festivals,reception of delegates and implementation of training programs.

It consists of the following sections:

1- employment & personnel sect.

2- Personnel affairs sect.

3-  Pension sect.

4- Training & development sect.

5- Planning of human resource,studies & development sect.

6- Data & personal files sect.

7- Legal & consultations sect.

8- section of media and relationships .



 Vehicles and transportation department


Its tasks are : transportation of employees, maintenance of heavy  equipement, and using of vehicles to serve the production and continuity of employees transportation.

It  consists of the following sections :

1- Maintenance of vehicles  sect .

2- Transportation movement sect.





Quality Department

Its tasks are : Planning for the application and development of quality systems and standard specifications for the company.
- Identify training needs towards total quality and quality control with  all relevant requirements of  Iraqi specification 1001.
-conforming the international specification ISO9001-2000, supervising and participating in the implementation and evaluation of this training .
- Communicating with the qualified parties and those specialized in granting quality certificate,and  the Central Agency for Standardization and quality control.
- Documentation of the company's quality systems and to serve as documentation center for quality in terms of:
* The issuance of documents
* Coding
* Control
* Follow-up plans criteria, recovery and termination
* withdrawal and re-distribution of documents
*development of quality forms for the quality as well as all forms related to  the work of the company
* planning for internal review  and supervising its implementation,follow-up training of internal reviewers,as well as organizing of the management  of quality and reporting to senior management with following up the  corrective  and preventive procedures
*  measurement and analysis of the results of internal revision and cases of non-identification and proposing solutions and methods of development and improvement of  performance




Production Department

Its tasks are :Management and operation of all industrial facilities for  sulfur exploitation ,purification , storage and loading ,in addition to the  management and operation of  alum , mills,sulfuric acid plants and conducting  different geological and mining studies , and also preparation of documents required for sulphur  fields  and for each borehole being  drilled ,as well as  preparation and implementing of plans for places of the drilling of boreholes.the establishment of control rooms for  excavated boreholes and installation of pipelines for production.

The department  consists of the following sections:

1- Industrial Utilities  Sect.

2- Geology & Drilling Sect.

3- Exploitation Sect.

4- Purification Sect.

5- Storage & Loading Sect.

6- Alum Plant

7- Mills section

8- sulphuric Acid Plant

9- Alternatives Production Sect.