Company's Plants



Sulphuric Acid

The Ground Materials  

A LUM (hydrated aluminum sulfate)

The Plant was established in 1976 and  was completed in 1978. The Plant produces  alum (hydrated aluminum sulfate)(Al2(SO4)3.14H2O).
depending upon two raw materials:-
1.  concentrated sulfuric acid internally produced in the company.
2.  aluminum hydroxide  imported from outside of Iraq .
The plant consists of three reactors ,stainless steel conveyor belt , mill and packing system

Plant Features

- The only plant in Iraq
- uses surplus of sulfuric acid  produced in the company
- alum is  highly consumpted in Iraq
-  employment of manpower




Sulphuric Acid  Plant

The plant was established in 1980 and was completed  in 1988.
The Plant utilizes wet process to produce sulphuric acid.
It was established  to benefit from  foam and cake wasted from sulphur purification process.Due to the failure of this process for sulphur recovery , the plant  used to produce concentrated sulfuric acid  using  pure sulfur rather than wastes.

Plant Features
-Covers the needs of the company and the northern region for sulfuric acid
-Covers local demand
- employment of  manpower
- pure sulfur  produced in  the company is the only raw material  used  for sulphuric acid production .




 The Milling plant


The old mill has been established in grind sulfur for  agricultural purposes and bentonite clays with capacity 51950 tons per year .
Since the year of production in 1977 till the plant stoppage,the used designed capacity  was ranging between  43-75%.
rge quantities of  milled agricultural sulfur were sold  to meet local market needs (farmers  all over the country) throughout the previous years,as well as grinding  of  bentonite and kaoline is also conducted by this plant.
In 1990 a second mill was purchased from the State Company for Geological Survey for the above  purpose