The Company in brief

Mishraq sulphur state company is one of Iraqi Ministry of Industry & Minerals  Companies.
It was established in 1969,and the sulphur production started late of 1971.
Frasch method is the process  used to exploit sulphur from underground deposits  to the depths 120-200 m.
This process depends upon melting underground sulphur  by injecting hot water into rock sulphur containing  layers using special wells.
Then melting sulphur is exploited from those wells  with the assistance of compressed air.
There are four industrial areas distributed according to the productive process as follows:

1.Industrial area no.1
2.Industrial area no.2
3.Industrial area no.3
4.Industrial area no.4




The first industrial Area

In this region,two sets of pumps with high capacity are found :-

The first set  used to pump water from the river.

The second one used to pump this water to the second  industrial area after chemical treatment by adding alum and lime to remove suspensions and  temporary hardness.




The Second Industrial Area

Where water coming from the first  industrial area stored in two large  basins. In this region completely  removal of hardness and suspensions in the water,getting  rid of dissolved air and then  passes through the large boilers is also conducted in this  region These boilers are of two types:
one for  water heating  and the other is to produce steam.In this region also , there are compressors with high capacity to provide sulphur boreholes with compressed air

The third Industrial Area

In this region , sulfur boreholes are found which distributed in the field as groups ,Each group linked to control room and a tank to collect  melted sulfur out of the boreholes,then pumping the sulfur from the tank in the field to the purification area.These boreholes are drilled by drilling rigs with special specifications
Each borehole Consists of four overlapped  pipes with different diameters.The first pipe  with the  large-diameter used as coating for  the wall of the borehole, The second pipe designed to inject hot water into the sulphur containing layer .The third pipe used as an  outlet of  melted sulfur, the fourth pipe with  a small diameter is to pump compressed  air to assist the melted sulfur at the bottom of the borehole to pass  through the third pipe out of the borehole



The Fourth Industrial Area

In this region,sulfur is purified from bitumen and other impurities,by passing  melted sulphur coming from the third region through special units called (submerged combustion reactors) .
And then to be passed  through filters to come out in purified state.Then pure sulfur to be pumped to open storage yards. where it solidifies in the form of regular large blocks ,then it will be, by special loading equipment ,transported  out of yards using  rubber conveyor belts to the  Cones of  truck loading and trains.Part of  liquid  pure sulfur shipped  by a special train .
Iraqi sulfur specification is of high quality  and accepted in world markets .
Iraqi sulfur is exported to several countries





Frasch Process